Personal Training

Each one of us enjoy things at different levels. Add to that equation our different lifestyles, physical fitness level and medical history. With such variations in everybody’s life, it only makes sense that a fitness program is personalized to your constraints and goals.


How do I go about personalizing the program?
My first obvious question to all clients is “What is your goal?”. Rather than being content with a response “I want to lose weight” or “I want a six pack”, my “whys” will help me to understand your real goal. Following that, you will fill a questionnaire that will help me to understand your current lifestyle(in the kitchen and outside the kitchen), access to exercise equipment, medical history(injuries, chronic issues etc) and current habits. Following that I will conduct a free 30 minute evaluation to benchmark your fitness level. And finally, I will design a fitness program for you which will be truly personalized. Based on your progress I will increase/decrease the intensity of your routine. This way we challenge the body, avoid boredom and prevent injuries as well as plateaus. My rates are very competitive. Click here to contact me
Some of us are interested in training with others. Not only does it make it more enjoyable but also more competitive. If you feel you are one of those, then join our Bootcamp Programs. Calisthenics(Using your body weight for exercises) is the focus of these BootCamps combined with Plyometrics and Core training. Currently I conduct these sessions three times a week at Dragon Kim Karate, 327 Bloomfield Avenue, Caldwell, NJ three times a week(Tue, Thurs, Sat). Click here to register for classes.

My rates are as follows:



3 Sessions


6 Sessions


12 Sessions


Weight Management

Have you hit a plateau and are very close to giving up? Are you one of those who swings between a weight range? If your answer is yes then Weight Management service is what you are looking for. With a combination of a personalized program and guidance on nutrition, we will work together to get you out of your current situation. We will design effective strategies to keep those pounds off permanently. Click here to contact me.