About us

Vik Desai

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Weight Management,
NASM Cardio for Fitness, CPR/AED certified

I was always into fitness with a regular gym routine, healthy nutritional intake and the occasional “off the fitness wagon” phase. However I did not achieve the results that I desired. Early 2009 I performed extensive research, read many books and gained a lot of knowledge regarding fitness, nutrition and importance of consistency. Initially my family came to me seeking advice about fitness and nutrition. Gradually that circle grew to close friends, acquaintances and eventually to Facebook where I answered questions for random people. In summer of 2010, I realized that there were many people out there who were in the same situation that I found myself in, prior to 2009. They wanted to be fit and healthy but did not have any guidance. I decided to guide them along the way and help them achieve their goals.

On receiving my certification in July 2010, I decided to help clients through one-one-one trainings at their home/gym or my studio gym. My personalized approach involves understanding your lifestyle, your goals, your current health and fitness level and performing an initial evaluation. Based on my findings, I create a customized program for you. Depending on your progress, I will adjust the difficulty level of the program. If you are interested in a free evaluation, click here.

In addition to one-on-one training sessions, I also conduct outdoor BootCamps which involves fast pace movements that target all your muscles. These BootCamps are 45-60 minutes and they include cardio, core and strength training. Interested in trying it for free, click here for the schedule.